Most Awesome Scavenger Hunt Piedmont Ever Attempted (Seriously)
M.A.S.H.P.E.A.S. is a community wide digital scavenger hunt to be undertaken in and around the Piedmont area. It is sponsored by the Piedmont Public Library. Our goals are to raise money for DUCK week, to promote Piedmont, Oklahoma and Piedmont businesses and organizations, and to encourage a sense of community.
The hunt is a team event.  Teams are made up of between 5 and 10 humans over the age of 5.  Each team member will donate $10 for the honor of participating. ALL registrations collected will go directly to Piedmont School’s DUCK Week.
The teams register for the event beginning February 28th at the Piedmont Public Library.
The teams have TWO WEEKS, starting at 12:01am on March 5th, to record WHICHEVER ITEMS YOU CHOOSE from the massive-but-awesome list of Cool Tasks published at  YOU DO NOT NEED TO PERFORM ALL TASKS, only the ones that appeal to you most and seem to be most fun or rewarding. The winning team is decided based on points accumulated, not number of tasks accomplished.  We can’t wait to for this exciting new event.