2018 Recipients

Moses Graham

Moses is a 6 y/o kindergartner at Piedmont Elementary.  On Friday, November 10th (his 6th birthday), he went in for a scheduled CT scan to follow up on issues related to a broken nose/fall.  During the CT, they found a tumor in his brain.  He was immediately admitted to the hospital and scheduled for an MRI to diagnose the tumor.  Following many test and MRI’s, it was determined that they would remove the tumor and did so with success on Tuesday, November 14th.  His tumor was called a Medulloblastoma that was sitting at the base of the brain.  They did get all of the tumor but he was still in need of chemotherapy to “clear up” everything around it.  He received a port for administering medication and OBI harvested stem cells to give back to him later during treatment if he needs them. Mo is in the middle of this chemo treatment process now.  He has completed three rounds of regular dose chemo and will start the 1st of 3 rounds of high intensity chemo on Friday, February 16th followed up with a stem cell transplant.  These last 3 rounds will be longer hospital stays for him to recover. He has done well thus far and we are looking forward to this brave little boy fighting this like the super trooper he is.

Savannah Labadie

Savannah has refractory (uncontrolled) generalized epilepsy manifested as absence seizures and has progressed to include myoclonic seizures and incidence of status epilepticus- a medical emergency due to non-stop seizure activity requiring medication to stop her seizures. Her condition is progressing into an epilepsy syndrome called Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy , a lifelong disorder. Savannah had her first seizure the week of her third birthday.  Over the next few weeks , Savannah’s condition progressed to her having over 100 seizures per day for the next ten months.   By age 4, Savannah had exhausted the pediatric neurologists in Oklahoma and now sees an Epileptologist in Michigan who specializes in epilepsy cases of her magnitude .Savannah currently takes daily medications to prevent grand mal seizures as well as emergency medication to stop increased seizure activity. Savannah loves her pets and all animals. She is in 5th grade at Piedmont Intermediate.