Deep Sea Ducks – Duck Week 2017

Duck Week 2017 promises to be the venture of a lifetime! While the activities and events always prove exciting; the cause outweighs the sacrifice. Best of all-- We get to explore this vast ocean together!

So, prepare your wetsuits and flippers; join in the journey as we dive deeply into our wallets and our hearts. We will mine those shadowy places for resources for our recipients. The currents may be treacherous, but if we swim as a community (and use the buddy system), we will successfully traverse this unfamiliar territory--together. We head for open water soon and have begun assembling our dive team. Set your compass to true north, check your scuba gear, and chart your course for a thrilling time at sea.

We can’t wait to plumb the depths with you!

On Saturday, March 6th, we will strap on our air tanks and scuba masks and set out to explore the fathoms of generosity. That sound you hear isn’t your own heartbeat--it’s the throb of new life created when people help people. We appreciate your support in years past and hope we can count on you in 2017.
You make a difference in the lives of others!

Duck Week 2017 Talent Show

Duck Week Junk Show!

March 5th, 2017

We are so excited to welcome you to the D.U.C.K. Week Junk Show! The Junk Show will be held at Piedmont High School, located at 1055 Edmond Road NW, Piedmont, OK 73078

Check out the Junk Show flyer!

Words from our Student Council

Duck Week isn’t just for the recipients each year, it’s for the community as well. As the community stands up for our recipients and their adversities, I have seen how our small town comes together as one to have fun, raise money, and bond through the ability to give back to others in search for a new hope. Even though we are a small town, we have shown our ability to make a big impact on the lives of our recipients.

Corey Collins

Student Council Vice President

Duck Week is easily the event i look forward to the most during the school year. Being able to help out families in the community is so rewarding when you get to see the amount of joy and care that circulates around this town. The love for giving back to this community is well worth all the time and energy sacrificed, as I can easily speak for everyone involved.

Kevin Duong

Student Council President

Duck Week Sponsors